Funky Flowers Retailers Club

This secret has been killing me to keep!  Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery is offering a new retailers club starting in January 2019.

What that means is that this club is available through any shop.   They just need a minimum of three members to participate.


There are four canvases in total.  Each canvas is 4 x 4 on 18 mesh.  Here’s the really cool part  . . .they fit perfectly into the new self finishing coasters.  All you have to do is trim the edges of your canvas, leaving two canvas threads.  Then, make a diagonal snip at the corners and fold it in.  Bam!  Fits perfectly into the glass covered coaster!

Yep . . .you read that right . . .GLASS on top!

Ask your local shop about the new club.  They will have all the details.

I stitched the first three canvas and Kim, who works at the shop, stitched the last one.  Our needles have been on fire!


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