Here Comes Santa

Amanda Lawford came to visit a few weeks ago.  And since it was my birthday, I treated myself to a number of canvases.  Ok, let’s be honest . . .I can’t control myself when Amanda comes with trunks and suitcases full of canvases.

Somehow, Becki talked me into buying a 30 inch tall Santa on 18 mesh.  I call him my new boyfriend.


Clearly Trip doesn’t want his picture taken.

green santa

He may be mine one day.  I see felting and a beautiful coat done in green velvet.  God help me!  I will probably take 25 cards of velvet. Yikes!

I just finished stitching this adorable little piece.  For some reason, I’m on a kick making Christmas pillows.  I guess because the only ones I have in my house are store bought needlepoint pillows and people think I actually made them. Unacceptable!


Of course it doesn’t photograph that well, despite my editing the picture.  Those are Swarovski snowflake crystals scattered about the background. Bugle beads line the bottom.

I’m just waiting for the trim and the fabric to come and then off to the finisher it goes.

Let me know if we can kit you up one.  The stitch guide is complete.  It’s only 5 x 8 on 13 mesh.  There’s still plenty of time to stitch and have it finished by Christmas.

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