New Designer!

There’s a new young designer on the scene!  Pewter and Pine, owned by Tess Kvale, is a small, but fresh new approach to needlepoint design.  I think her designs will appeal not just to a younger generation, but to all age brackets.  There’s a  little something for everyone.

Check out her website and let us know if there’s something that catches your eye!  Here’s a few of my favorites.

 I ordered a few pieces from her today. I think it’s SO important to support new designers, regardless of their age.  It’s not an easy thing to break into a world where everyone is 20+ years older than you.  I can say that from  my own experience.

When I first opened my shop six years ago, a lot of people assumed I knew very little about needlepoint because I hadn’t been stitching for forty years.  I almost hate to admit this, but I’ve been stitching for almost thirty years now.  But I’d say I’ve really been stitching, learning and taking classes for about ten years.  I eat, sleep and breath this business, just ask my husband  (he might not always put such a positive spin on it lol) and any of my good friends.  But I am not the only one.  There are SO many of us in this industry, both shop owners and wholesalers, who go above and beyond to bring you the best in needlepoint.

   Your brick and mortar shops are the life blood of this industry.   Just as we need to support designers, we ask that you support your brick and mortar shops.   If you don’t have one nearby, find one that will help you the best way they can long distance.  At The Enriched Stitch, we take the time to chat with you over the phone about what kind of threads you like to work with when kitting a canvas for you.  Or send you images of canvases that might fit the description of what you are looking for.  Or walk you through your questions about one of our stitch guides.  We know it’s not ideal, but we do our best to give you the same care and attention that we would if you were standing right in front of us.

So, all I ask is that all of my loyal blog followers, whether you are a shop owner or teacher or a consumer, is to support each other in any way you can.



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