We Made Room For More

The canvases have been flying off the walls the last few days since all of the in stock canvases are 40% off.  So we made room for canvases that were tucked away.

Here’s some new canvases to take a look at.  Also, everything that is in our online store is also available in the shop at 40% off.  So you can call us after you take a look there.  The discount will be applied in the store.  Click here to see what’s in the online store.  You must CALL the shop to order canvases viewed online to receive the discount.

Frame 1


Frame 2


Frame 3

Frame 4dec7

Frame 5dec8

Frame 6dec9

Frame 7dec10

Frame 8


Frame 9


Frame 10

Frame 11dec3

Frame 12


Frame 13dec12

Frame 14


Frame 15dec21

Frame 16dec22

Don’t forget to take a look at the blog from a few days ago that have tons of pictures of our canvas boards.  A lot of canvases have found a new home but there are still plenty to choose from.  Don’t miss this opportunity of 40% off canvases!

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