A Massive Undertaking

Our dear customer, John, has been working on this tapestry for over three years!  He stopped by the shop with it framed to show us.  It is magnificent!

John is a pretty big guy so you can tell from the picture how big this piece is.  I think it 3 x 4 feet!

John can tell you exactly how many stitches are in the piece . . .how much thread it took  . . .and I think how much time.  I started tuning him out when he started spouted that nonsense.  LOL!  I do NOT want to know how long it takes me to stitch a piece.  The best I can judge is how many episodes of a show I’ve binge watched on Netflix.

His Basketweave and tension are perfect!

He adjusted the colors from the printed design.  They are so vibrant!

Basketweave is simply stunning.  And personally, I think the hardest thing to do correctly in needlepoint.  So, don’t think you need to add all sorts of stitches and embellishments.  Every once in a while I pick up a little Basketweave piece to check my tension and technique.  I think that’s really important to do from time to time.  But I can assure you,  no way in Hell could I ever get through a piece of this magnitude in Basketweave!



  1. Sondra says:

    This is magnificent! I think it would be enhanced having it matted. Frame maybe in gold. Now that I crituzed your framing, let me be sure to tell you it is the best needlepoint I have seen. I wish I could see ir in real life.

  2. Rae Berkowitz says:

    This is magnificent = What kind of a frame or what did you use to stitch it on being its so huge?
    Did you roll it on something? Can t imagine how you worked on it.
    Really interested – Thanks, Rae

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