Enriched Adventures

Join us for the first Enriched Adventure!

What’s this? You ask.  Let me tell you. . .

Every month we will select a canvas to stitch.  Thread kits and stitch guides will be sent out in varying installments, based upon the size of the canvas.  We’ll give you a little taste of what we are doing with the canvas.  But, don’t you trust us by now?

I won’t be able to tell you the price of the thread kit until I am finished, but it is usually around the price of the canvas.  This piece will be less, since there is so much open canvas.

Our first adventure is a Charlie Harper canvas I started stitching this weekend.  And yes, all I did was stitch this weekend.  I wasn’t feeling great and decided I needed a day off, since I hadn’t had one in two weeks.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about going to market.  But it sure is exhausting.

owl 2

I wanted to make the sky spooky.  So I used a Bargello stitch from Julia Snyder’s new book iBargello.  It’s the easiest thing to see on black canvas.

owl 3

I created a new Turkey Work technique for the fur around his face.  You’ll have to get the guide to find out!

owl 4

I love laid and tied stitches. You can add so much depth and texture to a piece.  There was a thread on Facebook about how to stitch a Charlie Harper canvas and should it be Basketweave to preserve the look of the original art.  I look at needlepoint as an art form that enhances the original art that we are stitching over.  You have to maintain the feel and look of the original art, but color it with threads and textures.

Next month I think I’ll need something a little more colorful to pull me out of the doldrums of winter.

Call the shop or email if you want to come along on our adventure.

Canvas: $150

Thread Kit: TBD


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