Exclusive Design! Elf on the Shelf

There is a lovely woman who rents space next to me called “The Painted Cookie.”  They are beautifully painted and actually taste good.  I must be in there 3 days a week picking up something for my son.  So, when I stopped in before the holidays to pick up a cookie for Trip’s holiday party at school, she had Elf on the Shelf cookies.  SO CUTE!

I immediately texted a picture to my friend Kristine, asking if she could paint it for me.



The canvas is $55 and comes with the stitch guide.  The thread kit is $25.50

We’re happy to send one your way for the special little person in your life!

203-210-5107   enrichedstitch@gmail.com


  1. Kitti Wilson says:

    I would like to get 2 of these for my children. wasn’t sure how to order. please let me know about ordering:)

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