Exclusive Golden Maiden Progress

Becki has been stitching away on our exclusive Golden Maiden from Leigh Designs.  She is magnificent!  So opulent . . .


She is coming along!  Becki is using the same backgrounds throughout the entire series for continuity.  Her dress has been fashioned out of Painter’s Threads.


Her diadem is stunning.  So much bling!  I asked Becki how that beautiful little girl would be able to hold that on her head.  Well, the answer is a story about the Amber Room in Russia.  She’ll tell you all about it in the stitch guide.  The short story is that amber is very light.  Who knew?


Becki still needs to add some Angora French Knots into her fabulous fur cuffs.

Call the shop or order her online.  Canvases are on the way.  The stitch guide will be available as soon as Becki finishes her up.  No pressure, Becki!




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