Fabulous Finishing Ideas

We’re past the half way mark of June but there’s still time to drop off finished pieces during our finishing sale. All finishing dropped off or mailed in during the month of June is 10% off! Beat the holiday rush!

Last weekend I went into New York City and of course I had to stop at one of my favorite stores, Mood Fabrics. Let’s just say that I had myself a little party there and had a huge box shipped home. That store is dangerous!

Linda has been working her finishing magic and playing with some canvases we have in the shop. Take a look at some of the fabulous ideas she has!

This is one of my favorite Amanda Lawford pieces. The colors are just to die for and the piece breaks up into different sections so you really feel a sense of completion when you finish a part. You could add some drop beads into the centers of the diamond patterns for a little something extra(even I would do that beading). The brushed fringe trim would really make this piece pop!

I’ve wanted to stitch this piece from Voila but I kept thinking to myself…what would I do with it? You can go wild on her hair with French and Colonial knots with a few different threads…or even crazier and Turkey Work her hair. Use a little Accentuate on her glasses to make them look reflective. I just loved this fabric and had to have it. I had no idea what I’d do with it but here you go!

We found these tassels last year and have been dying to use them on a piece. This simple piece from Two Sisters can definitely handle the tassels. You could either bead the pineapple if that’s your thing(definitely not mine) or you could tent stitch or do Upright Cross with a gold thread to give the pineapple some weight and texture. The background is wide open for your stitch of choice.

This classy lady is also from Voila. I think our favorite fabric from Mood is this hot pink velvet we’ve used it a lot in our own finishing. And the onion ball trim is something we found at some point and have been dying to use. You could bead her necklace…a girl’s gotta have her bling! A really pretty stitch for her dress with a silk and metallic, like a filler Alicia’s Lace…and she’s ready for a night out on the town!

Tempted? I know I am! But I can’t start one of these pieces right now. I’ve got a long list of pieces that need to be stitched for the Dallas show and a few others for a special event coming this fall. And right now I’m on a painting deadline for the Dallas show so I better stop typing and pick up my paint brush!

Linda has got a few more pieces she’s playing with so stay tuned!

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