Fabulous Finishing

Finishing is pouring into the shop from our June finishing sale!

Joan stitched this adorable coaster set by Kathy Schenkel.

Bea stitched this flag from The Collection.  I love the ruffle around the edge.

Our very own Becki stitched this amazing piece years ago and didn’t know what to do with it.  Leave it to the creative minds at The Enriched Stitch to come up with something fabulous.

Becki also stitched Lambie Pie a few years ago.  Not so easy to find the right blue fabric for this piece.  She stitched this for her daughter, Emily.  So many people loved this piece that she wrote the stitch guide for it.

I stitched this piece by Alice Peterson last fall.  This one screams home to me around here in New England.  There’s three other canvases in the series.

Our finisher made the most amazing twist for this boxed pillow.

My dear friend, Laura, stitched this hysterical piece.  I’m so glad someone finally did because it is just too funny.  People would look at it hanging in the shop and then would burst out laughing once they finally got it.  I love the tassel trim.

Designing the finishing is just as much fun as stitching it.  We like to choose fabrics and trims that enhance the piece, not overshadow it.  After all . . .why mask the beautiful work you did?

Holiday finishing deadlines are quickly approaching.  How scary!

Standups, Gusseted Ornaments: August 19th
Stockings/Pillows: October 1st
Belts: November 1st
Ornaments: November 1st
Stockings/Pillows: October 1st

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  1. Diane Gasior says:

    Choosing the right fabric for a piece of needlepoint can make a piece or ruin it. I’ve been there and now I like to send my own fabrics and trims. The lamb is beautiful, I need to seriously consider this one.

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