Fun with Vicky

We has such a blast with Vicky De Angelis last weekend.  Boy am I exhausted!  It’s a hard job having this much fun but someone has to do it.

Vicky taught two classes, the Little Red Bike from Alice Peterson


and Trick or Treat by Raymond Crawford

trick or treat 2

Vicky is the most patient teacher and is so concerned that everyone in class understands.

Vicky and I spent some time down by the water on my in-laws’ boat enjoying freshly dug steamers that my husband and son gathered earlier that afternoon.

Everyone has been busy beading to their hearts content.  Aggie finished all the beading on Trick or Treat. She’s too fresh!

We can’t wait for Vicky to come back next year.  We’re already brainstorming on what she will teach next.

We have an extra kit or two if you’re interseted.  Either call the shop,email or order through the web store.


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