Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been a great year so far.  I am so thankful for being so lucky to do what I love to do every day. (Well . . .almost. . .those pesky bills and what not.)

It’s so wonderful meeting new people every day who share a love (or obsession) of stitching.  I am so fortunate to be able to work with designers to create new canvases, develop a new thread line with Planet Earth (more on that later), have access to anything and everything that brings my art to life, and so much more.

I am blessed by regular customers who pop in to the shop at least once a week, bringing us lunch, as well as getting a chance to talk to customers from far away who I’ve been emailing with.  Each and every customer brings with them a unique spice that together has helped me build a great shop.

And to the women who help me tirelessly at the shop: Aggie, Mary Susan, Becki, Patti, Linda, Andrea and Nancy . . .I could never do what I do without all of you.  You are my sounding board . . .my voice of reason . . .my inspiration.

Thank You

OK . . .now that I’ve been sappy ( a rare moment for me), lets get to some stitching.  Here’s our Thanksgiving Club that Aggie stitched last year back from the finisher.






All of these canvases have stitch guides that you can instantly download in our online store.  Check it out!

We’re happy to put a kit together for you, as well.

Enjoy today and think about how lucky you are to stitch!

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