Kristine Kingston Trunk Show

If you’re not familiar with Kristine Kingston’s designs, she has a whimsical yet elegant feel to her work.

Kristine and I got to know each other years ago at the Dallas trade show. We bonded over the lounge singer that started playing really loudly at 7:30 in the morning that woke up the entire hotel. Good thing they’ve moved him to the 5 o’clock time slot during cocktail hour!

I love the hashtag designs and she does so many personalized pieces that are great for gifts. Take a look for yourself!

As with all of our trunk shows, the canvases are 20% off as are special orders. And…as a bonus you receive 10% off the threads when we kit up your piece.

I’ll post more from the show but this should be enough to tempt you for now!

Email directly or call the shop to order.


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