Lambie Pie

Isn’t she just precious?


I cannot take credit for this little cutie pie.  She was stitched by Becki Gebhardt, who is our stitcher extrodinaire at The Enriched Stitch.  Every Tuesday and Thursday Becki comes into work with a smile on her face, starting the day off right and putting a smile on my face.

lambie cover page

Her stitch guide is now available through The Enriched Stitch or Melissa Shirley.


Look at the detail in her hat/birds nest.  Whoever knows what is really on the heads of these adorable animals that are painted by Vicki Sawyer?  And who cares?  They are SO much fun to stitch!

You can order the complete kit through us.

Canvas $230   Thread Kit $160   Stitch Guide $50

The stitch guide can be purchased independently if you already own the canvas.

I know the thread kit might seem a bit pricey.  But trust me…you can’t use a Becki stitch guide without her thread list.  It just won’t look the same.  Perhaps we should start calling them “Stitch and Thread Guides.”  The threads are equally as important as what stitches are used.  Without the correct threads, it’s impossible to achieve the same effect.

Give us a call if you would like to order any part of the kit.  We have one canvas in stock currently, but can certainly order more.  Click Here to order online

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