Maggie by Aggie

Aggie taught her first class at The Enriched Stitch yesterday.  She rocked it!  What an awesome teacher.  She had 4 ladies in the shop and 3 on Skype.  Becki also lent a helping hand.


A few months back I handed this piece to Aggie and told her to “go wild.”  I loved watching her play with this piece.

 The crest of the peacock is turkey work with Wisper

I call Aggie the “ribbon master”


My favorite part is the body and wing.  This is how Aggie got her nickname “Glitz”


Call the shop or email if you’d like us to get a kit out to you.  The next class is on March 9th.  It’s not to late to join in!

Canvas: $125      Thread Kit: $143      Stitch Guide: Included with kit or available for purchase separately for $75



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  1. Judy Furie / Critter Cove says:

    I love this. Between this and the Peacock Ginger Jar, you’re killing me! I haven’t gotten far enough on Winter Barn to declare any semblance of success, and you’re tantalizing me with these classes. Oh, the agony! I feel my willpower draining away… . . . . . . . . .

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