Making Her Runway Debut . . .

Sasha . . .The Lady in Red


Sasha will be making her debut at the Dallas trade show this weekend.  However, she is not be delivered until February.  She is part of our national fundraiser for the American Heart Association, Go Red with Thread.

Leigh, of Leigh Designs, and I collaborated on this beautiful design.


I’ve decided if needlepoint doesn’t work out for, then I could be a pretty bad ass hair stylist.  Look at those highlights!  Yup . . .five different colors blended in her hair.


She has tulle in her dress, silk ribbons, and beads.  And boy do I mean beads.  I know you won;t believe but I beaded the entire bodice all by myself.  I didn’t hook one of the girls at the shop to do it.

Now Sasha has a gorgeous dress, but she wasn’t quite ready yet.  So, Melissa Prince gave her shoes and a handbag.


I’m not quite finished with this piece.  I need to basketweave the white background.  And yes. . .that’s more beading. For someone who doesn’t like to bead much, I think I’ve had my fill for the year lol.

Amanda Lawford is participating in Go Red with Thread.  She designed this adorable heart that Mary Susan is going to stitch.

img_2135 She’s been frantically working on a belt for her brother so she hasn’t gotten to the heart yet.  But I’ll share it as soon as she does.

All of these canvases are available for preorder at The Enriched Stitch and any store that is participating in the Go Red fundraiser in February.  You can read more about the event on our website. 

Click here to order

Paint the Town Red

Lady in Red

Whimsical Heart

I’ll share more detail about these pieces later.  I was just so excited for you to meet Sasha!

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  1. Carolyn Taggart says:

    Her hair is fabulous–looking forward to seeing her at Dallas market. Love the tule skirt and beaded top–Really gorgeous.

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