Market Day 3: Show Time!

So much to say.   SO MUCH FUN!!!!!  This is needlepoint heaven!  Let’s see what I can remember from today and what I ordered.

Cooper Oaks has great lucite boxes and trays to insert finished canvases into. The perfect solution for my Swirly Snowmen piece.  A much easier solution than I thought.  They also have lucite clipboards and notepad holders that you insert a small canvas into. Great use for a finished canvas.


Barbara Bergsten has great new shifts and adorable stitch painted Santas.

Beth Gantz has some new letter designs.  Perfect for kids.  Lovin’ some of her new signs.



Princess & Me has adorable new designs.  Check another page on the blog to see pics.

& More has more (and smaller) versions of her famous striped canvases.  Here’s a few of the sayings:

  Stitch On

Party On

Laugh On

I Am My Mother

Always Kiss You Goodnight (way smaller)

Give Thanks (shrunk down)

Baby Dreaming (in blue and pick)

Be a Star

and my personal favorite . . Be Nice Or Leave

A few new Maggie and Ewe & Eye designs are on their way.  You know how much we love them!

Unique NZ Designs has some great new pieces

We’ll also be getting in the 4 inch rounds of “Keep Calm and Carry On” “Keep Calm and Stitch On” “Keep Calm and Freak Out” and “Keep Calm and Wait For Santa”

Danji will get it’s own blog.  Wait till you see the new club from them.  TOO CUTE!

A couple of Leigh’s Femme Fatale ladys will be gracing our boards.

Amanda Lawford . . .That will take a few blogs. But I will say, stunning as always.  DC Designs (her son Derek’s design company) is so whimsical and fun.  Look for tons of designs to be coming in to the shop.

June McKnight has a new book, “Colorful Backgrounds.”  I wish I could have hung around her booth long enough to read the entire book.  I thought that might be rude.  The first 6 copies will be autographed so let me know if you want one.

I found some adorable little (and when I say little I mean REALLY TINY) pieces that are self finishing from Cheryl Schaeffer Designs. She’s got lot’s of really cute dog things for all you Black and Yellow Lab owners.

The Deeva has outdone herself.  Check her website to see her new designs.

I see another club from the Deeva in our future.   Just imagine the Whirlygigs.

Then I visited the Melissas.  Melissa Prince and Melissa Shirley

Melissa Prince has a few new African inspired designs.  The partridge in a pear tree is beautiful.  And those birdhouses she is famous for, well let’s just say I see tiny ones in our future.

Melissa Shirley has released all of her new designs on her website.

This is what I ordered.

1650-A (Birds with Green Background)

1627-A (Christmas Village).  On it’s way to the shop

1627 -B (the Easter Village)

1602-A through 1602-H (the Easter crackers).  In stock now.

1627-C (Halloween Village)

and of course, the Peacock Ginger Jar 1665.  By the way, I showed Melissa my stitched piece and she told me that it was just what she had envisioned.  Could there be a higher complement?

There’s plenty more, but can’t list them all.

Kathy Schenkel has some adorable new designs with black and yellow labs.  The girl scout and Brownie are pretty cute.

I had a visit with Raymond Crawford.  I’ve already shown you my favorite piece.  I think I see a class in the future.

Stay tuned . . .I’ll post pics of all of these canvases as they arrive.  But what will tomorrow bring.  It’s my last day here.  Guess I better go play with some threads.

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