Mini Swirly Snowmen

Many people told me how much they loved the Swirly Snowmen piece by Ewe & Eye but they don’t want to stitch something that large. So, Nancy asked if my stitch guide for the large piece could be applied to the mini snowmen.  I took a look at them and I don’t see why not.  All that needs to be modified is the red border, since it isn’t on the original piece.

Check it out!







Each canvas is $45.  The stitch guide is $25.  Thread Kit: TBD   Stitch guide is included with the purchase of canvas and threads or is available for purchase separately.

Let us know if you’d like one!








  1. Cheryl says:

    Would these designs be available for cross stitch? If not, they should be, they would be well received.

    thank you!

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