More Movie Coasters

Aggie and I just love stitching these movie coasters by Melissa Prince.

I finished up Star Wars this weekend during the snow store.  I’m waiting for a Swarovski crystal to come in the mail to add on to R2D2.  Then it will be totally finished.

star wars

Then I moved on to Forrest GumpForrest Gump

Aggie stitched up Superman.


If you haven’t stitched one of these yet, you should.  They’re like candy.  Can’t eat just one!

We’ve got stitch guides for all of these and more.  They are available through The Enriched Stitch or other shops can order them through Melissa Prince.

Melissa and I have cooked up some ideas for more movie coaster.  She’s designing them now.  I can’t wait to get a needle in them,

Check out Melissa’s website to see all the movie coasters.

breakfast at tiffanys finished

Breakfast at Tiffany’s




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