More Secret Stitching

I knot I haven’t been posting that much lately.  I’m going to try to post more frequently.  One of the reasons I haven’t shared too much stitching is that I’ve been working on some top secret pieces.  I showed you my mom’s tray yesterday, that was a simple belt canvas that was formed into a glass top tray.  The stitching was as simple as you can get.

And then there’s the piece I’ve been working on that I will be teaching at the January trade show.

The Whimsical Wreath by Melissa Prince


This piece is anything but simple! lol

But here’s the cool thing about the stitch guide for this piece.  It has three levels of difficulty so you can pick and choose what you are comfortable doing. The first level is stitches and simple beading.  The second level involved some ribbon work and more beading.  And the third level . . .well . . .you see just how crazy it can get.  But no matter what elements you choose, it’s gonna look fabulous!


A cool new beading technique I’ve been using lately. I think it makes the cutest centers of the flowers.


The butterfly is a little over the top, even for me.  But I was determined to do an applied canvas technique for the wings.  Pretty cool.  Not sure I’d go through it again.  I could live with that being a once in a lifetime experience.  But definitely worth the experience. 


I just love these flowers.  They are bouncy and poofy and everything screams fun about them.

I will be teaching this at the TNNA winter trade show and then in the shop on January 28th from 10-3.  Sign up soon so I can make sure you have a canvas for class.  Can’t join us?  You know you can always order a kit.

Oh, I forgot to talk about the black background.  Don’t let that scare you away.  It’s white canvas.  So you’re stitching black thread on white canvas.  Easy to see.  But, if you want to stitch the background turquoise or fuschia, be my guest.  There’s a long story about the first background that went into this piece. (That was ripped out).  But I’ll save that tale for another day.

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