My Wishlist

As I’ve been decorating for Christmas, I realized I just don’t have enough Christmas needlepoint.  Probably because most of it lives at the shop.  So I’ve decided that next year I need to add these pieces to my collection.


Angel Tree Topper


Advent Tree

I started the Melissa Shirley Thimble Nativity.  Only 11 more pieces to go!




nativity 1 nativity 2 nativity 3 nativity 4

I still plan on dating my boyfriend by Amanda Lawford

green santa

I desperately need something to hold my Christmas cards. Every year I say this.  Maybe the Mustang by Raymond Crawford.


And most importantly, I need to stitch a ton of ornaments.  It’s just too much work to move my needlepoint tree from the store to my house.  Who has the time for that?  Easier just to stitch more!

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