Needlepoint in New England Retreat

I am SO excited to announce that registration for our retreat is open!

April 27-29, 2018

We have an amazing lineup of teachers.  Meredith Willett, Sandra Arthur, Toni Gerdes, Kelly Clark, Suzie Vallerie, Becki Gebhardt, Mary Susan Muirhead and Aggie Aspinwall.  That’s 8 teachers and classes offered in one retreat!

Seashell Wreath taught by Kelly Clark

New England Santa taught by Suzie Vallerie

Chorus Line taught by Meredith Willett

Fire & Ice taught by Tony Gerdes

Autumn Rake taught by Aggie Aspinwall

Mason Jar with Flowers taught by Mary Susan Muirhead

Stormy Weather taught by Becki Gebhardt

Winter Cardinal taught by Sandra Arthur

The retreat will be three days of class.  There will be a cocktail party on Thursday night and a banquet dinner on Saturday night.  It’s going to be SO much fun!

You can sign up online or by calling the store.  203-210-5107

All the details are on the website about registration and the canvas dimensions and the designers.  We will be taking orders for kits. But we don’t have pricing on the stitch guides and thread kits yet.

I’ll be sure to post pics of the pieces when they are stitched.  We just received these canvases last week so give us a little time.  The paint on Kelly’s piece is actually wet in the picture. LOL!

I hope you will join us for a fantastic weekend of stitching and fun!

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