New Maggie Designs!!!!


Brand New Designs From Maggie!!!!!

M-1587    Mom Knows Best

M-1462   Night Sky Snowman

M-1463   Snowman with Cardinal

M-1464    Good Friend Snowman

M-1465    Striped Vest Snowman

M-1466  Balancing Snowflake Snowman

M-1467   Sweetheart Snow Couple

M-1468    Big Hat Snowman

M-1469    Polka Dot Snowman

M-1480   Checkered Scarf Snowman

M-1545   Polka Dot Pot

M-1546    Quilt Barn

M-1547    Folk Flower Farm

M-1548     Lobster Boats

M-1549      Contemplating Life

M-1550     View from the Cabot Home

M-1551     May

M-1552   September

M-1553    November

M-1560     Cakes

M-1561     Fungi

M-1562       Summer

M-1563    Landscape with Birds

M-1564    Tree with Blue Bird

M-1565     Beach

M-1566    Red Landscape

M-1567      Beach House

M-1568    Dragon Flies Landscape

M-1569      Baking

M-1570    Bones

M-1571    Zombies

M-1572      Life in the Fast Lane

M-1573     Circle of Friends

M-1574   Walk in the Park

M-1575   From Us to You

M-1576    Walking the Dog

M-1577    The Neighborhood

M-1578     Rollerskates

M-1579     Love Letter

M-1581     Under Cover

M-1582     Gray Santa Kitty

M-1583    Striped Stocking Cap Kitty

M-1584      White Antlers Kitty

M-1585    Top Hat Kitty

M-1586       Siamese Kitty

Give us a call to order any of these new designs   203-210-5107


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