New projects!

Have I told you that I have the best job in the world? Sure, there are parts of owning a shop that I could do without. . . inventory, paying bills . . .all that boring stuff.  But, the perks certainly outweigh the negatives.  Three pieces I ordered for myself from market have come in.  I’ve just had a bee in my bonnet about these pieces.

Birdhouse garden

Deeva’s Birdhouse Garden by Needle Deeva

christmas pageant

Christmas Pageant by Annie Lane.  Every time I order this piece for myself, a customer has the nerve to buy it.  How dare they!  I snuck it out of the shop on Saturday afternoon, despite Aggie giving me the look.  She tries to keep me in line.  Not sure it’s working.


I love this piece by Ewe & Eye.  And it’s little.  Smaller than their March Winds piece.

Decisions, decisions.  What to start first on this snowy day? Maybe I’ll start all three.  Why not?

 Want to stitch along with me?  Let me know and I’ll order a canvas for you.  The pieces should be stitched and stitch guided by the time your canvas comes in.


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