New Stitch Guides

Look what I get to work on!  I’ve been sent two canvases to write custom stitch guides.  This  is going to be so much fun!

Purple Santa


While I have your attention, let’s talk about stitch guides.  I feel as though there is a big difference between when I write guides for something I haven’t stitched versus something I have stitched. At The Enriched Stitch, we prefer to call guides that we haven’t stitched “Stitch Suggestions.”  We can give you lots of ideas, but we can’t guarantee  what will work.  We know most things will.  If we aren’t sure, we’ll give you a couple of options.

When I do custom guides, I pull threads and select stitches as though I were going to stitch it.  I love being able to stitch vicariously through other people.  I can’t stitch as fast as the ideas shoot out of my head!

If you have a piece you’re stumped on or just want it to be really special, send it our way.

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