Patchwork of Peace

The Enriched Stitch will now be offering this stunning piece of Americana for your stitching pleasure.  The Patchwork of Peace is a stitch counted canvas offered on both 14 and 18 mesh.  Each square uses a different stitch.  Learn over 200 new stitches!

Stitch along with us on Thursday mornings.

 Canvas: $170  Stitch Book: $70  Threads: Stash Buster!

Give us a call or shoot me an email to order your canvas.  203-210-5107




  1. Judy Furie says:

    I want to stitch this! Is the canvas price for the painted canvas? Can we ghost the Thursday sessions even if we can’t be there via Skype (work does come first).

    Do you know how long my wanna list is? Patchwork of Peace, Maggie by Aggie, Peacock Ginger Jar, Whirling Snowmen, Thanksgiving Club… .. . . . And I am working on Winter Barn and the Golden Crackers. My, oh my, what’s a girl to do?

    • Enriched Stitch says:

      Anyone can participate in the Patchwork of Peace. This is a very informal Stitch and Chat session. It is designed that people who a re working on the same project can get together and bounce ideas off of each other. This is not a formal class setting.
      It is totally fine by me if anyone already owns the book. Many people do. I am happy to order just a canvas.

  2. Nancy Carr says:

    I have the book, may I purchase the canvas and threads? I live in Hong Kong so would be unable to meet with you on the computer due to time difference. But I would like to purchase the supplies including evertites……I do have a mailing address in the US. Let me know, thanks.

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