SALE! SALE! SALE! 25% Off ALL in stock canvases

Usually I do a sale on the anniversary of the store, March 17th.  But, we were just to crazy hosting garden parties and all of the other wonderful events that were packed in that month.

So….Happy Spring!  It’s finally here!  To celebrate, all in stock canvases are 25% off Tuesday April 21st-25th.

Call or email to order.  Discount does not apply to purchases made in the online store. Special orders and club canvases are excluded.

  Phone orders are welcome.


If you would like an up close picture of any canvas, just email me and I’ll get it right out to you.

Frame 1


Frame 2

Frame 3


Frame 4IMG_7966

Frame 5IMG_7967

Frame 6IMG_7968

Frame 7IMG_7969

Frame 8IMG_7970

Frame 9IMG_7971

Frame 10

IMG_7972 IMG_7974

Frame 11


Frame 12IMG_7976

Frame 13


Frame 14IMG_7978

Frame 15IMG_7983

Frame 16IMG_7984

Frame 18IMG_7985

Frame 19IMG_7988

Frame 20IMG_7989

Frame 21IMG_7991

Frame 22IMG_7992

Frame 23IMG_7993

Frame 24IMG_7994 IMG_7995

Frame 25IMG_7996

Frame 26IMG_7998

Frame 27IMG_7999

Frame 28IMG_8001 IMG_8002

Frame 29IMG_8003

Frame 30IMG_8004

Frame 31


Frame 32IMG_8006

Frame 33IMG_8007

Frame 34IMG_8008

Frame 35IMG_8009

Frame 36IMG_8010

Frame 37IMG_8011

Frame 38IMG_8012

Frame 39IMG_8013 Frame 40IMG_8014

Frame 41IMG_8015

Frame 42IMG_8016

Frame 43IMG_8017

Frame 44IMG_8018

Frame 45IMG_8019

Frame 46IMG_8023

Frame 47IMG_8024

Frame 48IMG_8025

Frame 49IMG_8026

Frame 50


Frame 51IMG_7824

Frame 52IMG_7825

Frame 53IMG_7826

Frame 54

Frame 55IMG_7469

Frame 56IMG_7470

Frame 57IMG_7471

Frame 58IMG_7472 IMG_7473

Frame 59IMG_7474 IMG_7475

Frame 60IMG_7476 IMG_7477

Frame 61

IMG_7478 IMG_7479

Frame 62IMG_7480 IMG_7481

Frame 63IMG_7482 IMG_7483

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