Staff Finishing

We’ve waited patiently for our pieces.  We had to let our pieces slide at the holidays so that customers pillows could be finished.

 I guess we overwhelmed our finisher!


I stitched this pillow by Amanda Lawford.  Such a fun piece!


How cute is the ruffle trim?


There is a stitch guide available for this canvas.

Becki’s Bargello Dog is back



I though Becki was nuts when she brought this HUGE ribbon in.  I just couldn’t envision it, but it works.



Bargello is awesome.  Try it somewhere if you haven’t already.

We do not have a guide for this piece.  Becki’s computer did something nasty to it and it can’t be found.  We do have a thread list for it.

photo 5 patti-duck

Patti stitched this darling pillow for a friend of hers who’s having a baby.

Our pillow finisher has outdone herself.  She’s willing to deal with all of the crazy thing we ask her to do.  She’s a magician!

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