Stitch Guide Saturday

Stop by the shop tomorrow and we’ll write a stitch guide that is purchased on Stitch Guide Saturday.  This will happen the first Saturday of every month.  In July it will be on the 11th since the first Saturday is the Fourth of July.  And as much as I love my store, I plan on being closed that day and enjoying the day with my family on our boat.

So here’s how it works. In the store, time permitting, we will write a stitch guide right then and there.  However, if we are too busy, leave the canvas with us and we’ll take care of everything over the weekend and you can pop in the next week to pick everything up.

And…. if you purchase the threads that we suggest, you’ll receive 10% off the canvas purchase.  This only applies to full price canvases and whatever trunk show we have at the time.  This offer will not combined with trunk show discount of 20%.

You may order canvases online and receive stitch guides, as well.  However, bear with us while we update the inventory online.  Some canvases may say they are in stock but are not.  It’s hard when the online store isn’t linked to the computer in the store.  But I’m working to resolve that situation.  I just dread the conversion from one system to another.

Check with us via email or calling the shop to make sure a canvas is in stock before you order online.  The stitch guides will only be written for in stock canvases.

We’ve got so many great ideas for these canvases.  And we don’t always have the time throughout the day to go through a canvas in detail when you purchase it.  So, I thought this might help you guys out and give you a little more instruction.

You can always stop by studio time or schedule a private lesson.  Or, if you don’t live near the shop, you can schedule a lesson with me via Skype or Facetime.

Happy Weekend!  Gotta get stitching.  Lot’s of homework to do.  Wait till you see what I’m working on right now.  It’s top secret!

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