Suzie’s Favorite Things

I’m channeling my inner Oprah today.  There’s so many great things that I use every day that I wanted to share with you my favorites.


We have awesome table and floor lamps that will make it SO much easier to stitch.  And the best part is that they don’t annoy anyone else in the room with you.  How many times has someone told you to turn off your light while you’re watching tv?


Scissors are the most useful tool you can have aside from a needle.  There’s nothing like a new pair of scissors.  My personal favorite are DOVO scissors.  I have a huge order on the way to the shop so give us a call to order.

Table and Floor Stands

If you don’t work on a stand, you are missing out!  Does your hand start hurting from holding the canvas?  Laying threads isn’t so easy either.  Does you back or shoulder hurt?  A table or floor stand will solve all of these problems.  Well worth the investment.  The best part is that the stands we carry are lifetime guaranteed.

Gift Cards

Always a favorite no matter what the store!

Little Red Door Kit

This is a brand new design of mine that I stitched up last week.  We have a few kits in stock right now and tons more canvases on the way in a few weeks.

Floss Away Bags

Tired of a big bag of tangled threads?  Separate and store your threads in individual bags that you can hang on a ring.  No mess anymore!


I love cardinals.  This piece is on my to do list.  It’s 5 x 7 on 18 mesh.  A perfect size piece and can be popped right into a picture frame!

Super Snips

These tiny scissors are the best to leave in your purse project bag for when you are on the go.  Not my favorite scissor to use at home for heavy duty stitching, but they are the perfect travel scissor.

Custom Monogram Magnets

We are just LOVING these in the shop!  You choose which design you want and tell us the name and voila! . . .you have a custom needle minder.  Call us to order so you can have them in time for the holidays. 203-210-5107


  1. Amy says:

    Where are the prices located of each canvas? Cannot see the tiny handwriting on tiny white rectangle. Where do I find the prices? An example is photo 109. How much is EACH canvas marked? I wish I had the luxury of buying without a care for price and cost – but alas no rich prince has ridden in and swept me off! Thanks!Amy

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