The Big Time

I have some very exciting news to share.  This week my work has been featured in a local gallery showing.  Aggie and Patti’s work was exhibited as well,

The director of a local community center asked me a while back if I would exhibit my work and anyone else who wanted to participate.  This was so exciting for me!  We’ve sparked interest in stitching in a different community.  I love being an ambassador of needlepoint! What an honor!







IMG_8098 IMG_8099

Apparently…someone wants to buy my Charlie Harper Tiger for $10,000.   I have been saying for years that needle art should be sold within the art world.

Now that the opportunity it here, I’m not sure what to do.  What do you think?

Just so you know . . .every piece you see here has a stitch guide and can be ordered.

Who knew that my love of stitching and my desire to learn would ever result in this?  Decisions…decisions….


  1. Lisa Petersen says:

    Absolutely sell for that kind of money! If you really love it, you could do it again and perhaps a little differently.

  2. Susan Steinborn says:

    Fabulous work, I think you should sell your beautiful tiger and stitch another one! What an honor and great for the needlepoint community.

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