I love me some Tom Brady and the Patriots.  I know not all of you were rooting for New England, but I’m a New England girl through and through.

I’m not really a big football fan, but hubby loves the Pats.  I decided to actually watch the game with him last night.  For those of you who live in a hole . . .I’ll fill you in.  It was an AMAZING game!  We were on the edge of our seats.

I will confess that I have a things for Tom Brady.  I mean . . .who wouldn’t?  He’s HOT!

I was inspired this morning to paint a canvas commemorating Superbowl 51.  I thought this could be a great Christmas ornament for hubby this year.  (Always thinking ahead . . .lol!)

If you’re lost (like I was at first last night) . . .it stand for “Greatest of all Time.”  And Tom’s number is featured on it.

It’s 4 inches round on 18 mesh.  We’re taking orders for it now.  The canvas is $45 and we expect to receive them in about 6-8 weeks.  You can call the shop to order or order online.

I might just become a regular Sunday football watcher.  Too bad I have to wait till next season!

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