To Market To Market We Go!

Aggie and I arrived in San Jose late last night for the TNNA winter trade show. It’s gonna be a busy weekend!

The designers have been doing lots of sneak peeks.  Here’s some you might not have seen that were emailed directly to shop owners.  Let us know if there’s something you’d like to order!

Melissa Prince

Ewe & Eye



Tapestry Fair

Julie Mar


Purple Palm

Associated Talents

Alice Peterson

Kate Dickerson

Melissa Shirley Designs

And this is just the beginning!  God I love market!!!!!


  1. Maryann Hughes says:

    I have to visit your shop someday. I have just started doing needlepoint again after quite a few years.are you near Bridgeport or Stanford?

  2. Christine Jones says:

    Love the black and white bunny with the berry hat! Would make a great companion for Kip. He is almost finished and will need a friend!

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