Vineyard Merino Discontinued?

There’s been some confusion regarding the status of Vineyard Strandable Merino.  I received a letter from the company back in December stating that they would be discontinuing the thread line.  We were so bummed because we love that thread.

Apparently, the line is going to be revamped, consisting of only 43 colors.  In my opinion, a thread line, unless it a specialty thread, like Chenille or Facets, is not easily used when it has such limited colors.

We will no longer be carrying the thread at the shop, despite it’s attempt at a comeback.  I didn’t want anyone thinking I was trying to pull one over on you by saying a thread was discontinued when it technically isn’t.  But like I said, 43 colors is a very limited line when it comes to a wool.

So, we’re still running our promotion on the thread.  20 skeins for $60.  That’s nearly 50% off.

You can order in the online store.

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