Visiting Teachers

I’ve been a busy little bee.  Wait ’till you hear the lineup!

June 15th & 16th :

Cynthia Thomas

noses, roses

Noses, Roses & Other Fun Stuff Workshop

cupcake cynthia

July 20th & 21st:

Vicky De Angelis

trick or treat

man in uniform

August 16th & 18th :

Laura Taylor

seaside compote

pumpkins LT

September 20, 21, 22:

Julia Snyder


and 2 days of embellishment classes

October 5th & 6th:

Barbara Elmore

barbara elmore cat 2

Halloween Cat


Sparkles Workshop


Laurie Walden

mr. easter bunny

Embellishment Class Theme: Work on a canvas with an animal

Oh what fun we’re going to have!

What I love most about needlepoint is that there is always something new to learn.  I love to teach and I love to learn even more.

More details to come!  Stay tuned . . .

I love being part of this wildly creative industry!


  1. Linda Lupiani says:

    Hi Suzie,

    Question on Laura Taylor classes. What is the date for the pumpkin basket one?

    Question on Laurie Walden class. Can we do the Peter Rabbit or is it strictly canvas embellishment?

    • Enriched Stitch says:

      The pumpkin basket class will be on August 18th. The Peter Rabbit canvas will be offered as a 1 day “highlights” of the piece, since it is such an intricate piece. Laurie usually teaches this as a week long class, but we came up with this idea. I just LOVE this canvas! I ws blown away when I saw it at market.

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