What Would Suzie Do?


There was such an overwhelming response to this blog from last week so I’m doing it again . . .as promised!

This pretty piece by Kate Dickerson makes me happy on a gray, rainy day like today!

I would tent stitch the graphic border with Essentials and Satin Stitch the green of the border.  I would also tent the butterflies but use a variety of threads like Straw Silk and some sparkly Glisten.  The flowers would be fun in long stitches with Straw silk.  And then I would give it a really pretty background like the one shown below. It’s an easy stitch to compensate around all the pretty things in this piece.  I would definitely stitch the background first.

This little cutie is from Maggie.  I think it would be so cute in a kid’s room or as a leash holder.

I would stitch the snow in a simple Bargello pattern, like one in “Stitches to Go” and change the color to follow the shading.  I think he would be cute stitched in Petite Very Velvet.  His sweater could be done in Giant Kalem stitch so it looks knitted.  A little skip stitch on the sky would be a nice background.


This piece just cracks me up!  It would be a super quick stitch which is perfect for a holiday piece.

I would do Vertical Brick Stitch over 4 for the background with Entice and Satin Stitch the letters with Petite Frosty Rays so they puff up and really stand out.

These two canvases are still available from my post last week and you can read about all the fun ways I would stitch them!

Happy Stitching!

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