What Would Suzie Do?

Here’s a fun new blog series I’m starting.  With everyone not being able to come to the shop . . .or any shop for that matter . . .I thought I’d pull threads for some pieces and tell you about what stitches I would use.

Any of the pieces featured below will come with a FREE stitch guide!

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I just love this piece!  We just got it into the shop.  I would stitch her hat in Woven Stitch with pink Pepper Pot and do a Buttonhole stitch for the brim with the dark pink Planet Earth Silk.

I think her dress would look fabulous in Criss-Cross Hungarian with the pink PE Silk and a little sparkle in the stitch for the cross stitch with Entice.

She’s got to have beaded earrings!

And her lips will look super shiny when stitched with Neon Rays.

Wouldn’t we all love to go to the beach right now?  Especially here in Connecticut where it just rains and rains. This piece would make the cutest little sign or pillow.  It would also be great finished in an acrylic tray.

I would use a combination of Flair and Vineyard Silk for the starfish in straight up tent stitch.  Since the Flair is thicker, it will give the starfish some texture and look a little bumpy.

The letters could be done in tent stitch or Diagonal Satin Stitch with Neon Rays +.

I would Satin Stitch the light green background and do a single line Van Dyke stitch for the darker green.


I just love pieces like this tree that give me a ton of room to play. These canvases typically are challenging for people because there are only two elements, a tree and a sky, so they don’t know what to do with that vast area.

I think a funky Bargello pattern with five different threads would be super cool on this piece. I wouldn’t totally cover the background.  I would space out the different bands of the Bargello so it doesn’t look too heavy.  The tree needs just a touch of sparkle, so  I would tent stitch it with Glisten.

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