I Couldn’t Let it Go

I told you a few weeks ago that Amanda Lawford was retiring.  I just couldn’t bear to see her fabulous line disappear forever.


Suzie Vallerie, owner of The Enriched Stitch, is now the proud owner of Amanda Lawford Artworks and DC Designs!!!!!

I am so excited about carrying on this amazing line. I hope I know what I’ve gotten myself into lol!
Amanda was the first person I ever met in the needlepoint world. She was living in New York City at the time I opened and came to the shop to show me her line. I was so overwhelmed and was also a little star struck. She rolled in a few suitcases filled with canvases and I started going through them. I had a huge pile in front of me and knew I was spending way too much. Little did I know then what I would be spending on needlepoint. Ha!

Amanda has become a dear friend of mine, helping me get started with my own wholesale line. She is such a talented artist and an icon in the industry. I never dreamed that I would one day own this line when I purchased my first Amanda Lawford canvas over 20 years ago.

I will be contacting shop owners to introduce myself and with the new contact information. I will be fulfilling the orders placed at the Dallas show. So you don’t need to worry  if you have placed an order.
This is a big change in my life. But rest assured, it’s business as usual at the shop. Mary Susan has come on board as the manager of the shop so you’ll get to see a lot more of her. But don’t worry, I’m still there. Now you really won’t think that I sleep!

Thank you, Amanda, for dedicating your life to needlepoint. So many of us have spent countless hours enjoying your designs. Amanda will be missed, but fortunately her work will live on in the needlepoint world.



  1. Kate Dickerson says:

    Congratulations, Suzie! You honor Amanda and her designs by continuing them for all to enjoy. The needlepoint world is lucky to have people like you with the energy and forethought to make things like this happen. Thank you and have fun with your new line!!

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