20 in 2020

I did it!  And it’s only mid April.  I wonder if I can get to 50 this year?

It may look like I’ve been doing a ton of stitching, but lately I haven’t been.  When I first closed the doors to the shop on March 15th, I didn’t stitch for three weeks after that. Between coming home from the shop totally exhausted and a lack of concentration, stitching was not in the cards.

I’ve talked to so many customers over the last month and either they are stitching away like mad or more like me and bouncing from one piece to another trying to get their stitching mojo back.

It was driving me nuts that I couldn’t concentrate and wasn’t finishing anything.  So, I picked up my new Cardinal Santa design that is exclusive to The Enriched Stitch and forced me way through it.  I ripped the beard out twice which only added to my frustration but once he was done I felt like I was getting back in the groove.

If you’re stuck, pick up something small and simple and try stitching on that.  Or maybe a new small piece would be just thing to get you going like one of the new key fobs from Planet Earth.

This is a Kate Dickerson design.  Took about an hour!

You’ve seen most of these pieces already but there’s a few you haven’t.  All of them have stitch guides and can be kitted up!

Nantucket Christmas Basket

This Kate Dickerson piece fits in a Planet Earth self finishing box and will be an online Zoom class in May.  We only have 9 canvases in stock so don’t wait to sign up.  I haven’t loaded this into the online store yet so call the shop if you want a kit.

Rhodes Heart Kit

This Melissa Prince piece is a Zoom class on April 27th.  Order your kit by the end of the week to make sure you have it in time for class.

Reindeer and Cardinal Kit



Hot Diggity Dog is a Zoom class on April 22nd


I’ll be teaching this Christmas Cutie on Zoom on April 20th

The next two are part of the HOME interchangeable series.  We’re busy stitching away on them so we can bring you a club when my painting service reopens. . .hopefully sooner rather than later.

These three beautiful ladies are part of our newest club.  Click here to find all the details or to sign up.

The Busy Bee Zoom class is tomorrow.  It’s too late to get you a kit, but I can email you the stitch guide in time for the class so you can follow along and then you’ll get your kit in a few days if you order today.

I’m having this Hello Tess design made into a frame weight.  Hopefully we’re feeling this way . . .at least some of the time.

These two are part of our Pretty Packages club that just started.  Not too late to sign up!

This little cutie is part of a new club we’re planning.

I hope this blog entertained you for a few minutes and got your mind off of everything that’s going on in the world.  We all need a little something to lift our spirits.  Hopefully this has inspired you to pick up a needle and try again if you’ve been stuck in a rut.

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