A Holiday Treat

I just stitched up this little ornament and couldn’t love it more!  This was such a fun and quick stitch.  Pretty sure that this is how Santa feels in January!  My treat to you this holiday season is a FREE stitch guide!  Need the canvas?  We’ve got you covered!  You can order the canvas by clicking here.

Background: Silk Lame Braid SL94 (long stitch), HOE Perle 8 #72 Bark

Flip Flops: Tent Stitch – Neon Rays N22, Entice E283.  Lay two long stitches with the Entice for the thongs of the flip flops.

Face, hands and feet: Tent Stitch – Pepper pot Powder Puff 193

Drink Glass: Tent stitch the green with Entice E283.  Do a Bullion Knot with Petite Very Velvet V633.

Hat: Tent Stitch – Petite Very Velvet V633

Pom Pom: Rhodes Stitch – Fuzzy Stuff FZ15

Fur Cuff on Hat: French Knots – Fuzzy Stuff FZ15

Sunglasses: Tent Stitch – Neon Rays N01

Lips: Tent Stitch – Neon Rays N22

Beard: Petite Sparkle Rays PS21 – Vertical Brick Stitch over 4

Thread List

Entice E283

Fuzzy Stuff FZ15

House of Embroidery Perle 8 #72 Bark

Neon Rays N01, N22

Pepper pot Powder Puff 193

Petite Sparkle Rays PS21

Petite Very Velvet V633

Silk Lame Braid SL94



I hope you enjoy this treat this holiday season.  I wish you all the best!


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