A Little Love for a Great Cause

A month or so ago I shared with you that my son is Autistic, which was a really hard blog for me to write, if I’m being honest.  I designed a canvas to support the charity Autism Speaks.  I think it’s important to do whatever we can do to raise awareness for any cause, whatever it is.

Last week I received my Autism heart back from the finisher.

She did a bang up job! I found these adorable charms on Etsy to hang from the bottom of the heart.  We have a limited amount of the charms for the finishing in stock.  So, if you want those, now is the time to order.

You can order online or by calling the shop. 203-210-5107

I’d love to hear your suggestions for other causes and charities that I can design a canvas to benefit that charity.



  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much for your sharing. I have an adult child with mental illness Needlepoint is my therapy. The ornament is fabulous from concept, design and finishing. Congratulations!

  2. Lisa Petersen says:

    I’d suggest something for Breast Cancer to benefit CT Breast Health Initiative (CTBHI) in New Britain CT. All money stays local and much of it goes to research at UConn and Yale. It’s small and pretty much volunteer staffed. There’s a walk in New Britain on Mother’s Day weekend that we do every year.

  3. Alice Schroeder says:

    The zebra is the symbol for rare and under-diagnosed conditions. The image was chosen in reference to a saying among doctors: “When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.” It is a reminder to doctors that zebras do exist. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a serious collagen tissue disorder, is one of the most under-diagnosed health problems in the U.S. and Ehlers sufferers refer to themselves as “zebras,” as do other rare disease sufferers. Taken altogether, rare and under-diagnosed conditions are actually fairly common. A group of zebras is known as a “dazzle.” I think a zebra canvas would be simply dazzling!

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