Big News! HUGE!

The timing for this to happen around my five year anniversary couldn’t be any more perfect!  I have launched a wholesale canvas design line.

VNG, or Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery, is up and running!


Snowy Hills

Summer on the Porch

A Toast


Jack and Hairy

Let it Snow

Pink Cottage

This is just the beginning!  I have a lot more canvases in production and I’ll be sure to share them with you as they become available.

All of these are available for preorder.  It will be about 6-8 weeks until we receive more. My needle is burning to stitch these.  Good thing I put the hydrangea piece on bars this morning!  You can call the shop to order or place your order in our online store.

Details of the dimensions for each piece are on our website.

These canvases are also available at wholesale prices to needlepoint retailers throughout the country.  So spread the word to your local shop!



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