Bring Your Canvas to Life – Day 1

All I have to say is OMG!  Susan Portra is AMAZING! What she does with a canvas is so beautiful . . .needlepoint in it’s most pure form.


Susan is working with Caryl on this gorgeous Liz Pearl Mermaid.


Look how she surrounded the large 4mm pearl with size 15 seed beads.  Brilliant!hair

Here’s the answer to a bad hair.  Doesn’t it look like it’s moving in the water?


Here’s Caryl, the proud mama.


Pat worked on this beautiful canvas by Laurel Birch.  We learned a new, easier way of doing Turkey Work.


Aggie is working on a piece from the collection.  Maybe she’ll give it to me when she’s done.  I might have to fight Susan for it.


I worked on this Liz piece that I have been in love with for years.  Susan told me to lay in a bargello stitch with 1 (yes 1 ply) of silk.  Then, the fresh thing that she is, colored in the black polka dots with a fabric marker.  Genius!  This way you don’t break up the stitch.


And we can’t leave out the twisted cord.  Donna worked on this Melissa Shirley design and Susan is having her make twisted cords for the roof of the center birdhouse.


Here’s Donna and Helene doing the twist!

I am trying my best, but there aren’t words to describe just how amazing Susan Portra is.  You just have to experience her.

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