Gingerbread House Class Recap

This is one of the most beautifully stitched pieces I have every seen.  Not a thread or bead out of place.  But that’s Susan Portra for you.


The turret is a padded trame stitch.  I ripped mine out twice.  It would help if read the stitch diagram and didn’t keep doing a Pavilion stitch.


The wreath is precious.  And how about the candy cane twists?g-1-(3) g-1-(2)

This part is triple padded and double stitched with 6 strands of floss.  Oh my!  I haven’t used that much thread in years.  But you have to in order to lay the twisted cords into the grooves that are created.


I have no idea how she made this swirly candy.  I must have been busy doing something else at that time.  Good thing I have the stitch guide.


Susan LOVES twisted cord appliqued to the canvas.   It makes great swirls and circles.  I had never used the twister tool.  I learn something new from every teacher.  Wait till you see what I worked on with her in my private lessons.

Gingerbread House kits are available as well as the stitch guide and threads kits individually.  Susan will be sending more guides soon.


  1. Lisa Petersen says:

    I ripped my turret twice too but in the end now that there’s no stitching, I can count for the background. I learned lots of stitching tidbits in this class.

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