Christmas Banner Class – Part 2

Yesterday was the second class on the Rebecca Wood Santa in the needlepoint shop banner.  I’ve gotten the largest areas out of the way on the canvas.  Hooray!


I tried 4 or 5 stitches for the snow.  I started with the largest stitch that I thought might work.  It didn’t work.  My problem was that despite that there’s a large area of snow, there’s not actually a large stitching area.  So, I finally tried a laid stitch.  I wanted this snow to look like it’s been walked through and stomped on by little reindeer paws.


The sleigh was a lot of fun.  I just wanted a really pretty stitch.


I padded the top of the sleigh with Frosty Rays and Satin stitched over it with River Silks.

I used the same Frosty Rays to make the bow.  I made loops over a wooden skewer and held it in place until I was finished making all of the loops.  That way the loops stayed poofy.


I heard many moans and groans when it came to the wreath.  Needlepointers do not like the word “random.”  And this time, I did random long and short stitches using 1 ply of a Threadworxs overdye floss.  Yes, it took forever.  I spent about 3 hours on a Sunday morning crafting that wreath.

I think I’ll move on to the reindeer next.  Or maybe the window.  I’m dying to try out my ideas on the skeins of threads that are hanging in the store!  Till next time . . .


  1. Sherry Feagans says:

    This is stunning! The sleigh turned out beautifully. I wish I were stitching this banner in this class. Maybe later…. And, yes, the word “random” is a bad, bad, BAD word in my vocabulary. I think I would rather scrub floors (a really wretched task that I particularly loathe) than stitch randomly! Nonetheless, this is a gorgeous piece!

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