Curbside Pickup Only Starting Next Week

While we have been taking every precaution regarding our health and yours, we have decided to shut our doors next week until we receive information that things are calming down.
We will be open extended hours tomorrow, Saturday the 14th, from 10-5 so you can stock up on all your stitching supplies in case there is a lockdown.
We will be offering curbside pickup while our doors are closed. Just give us a call and we can take care of whatever you need and we will leave it right outside our door in the vestibule.
We will be answering the phone during our regular business hours during this time.

Stay safe and healthy and try to relax.  Channel your fears and anxiety into something positive like your stitching.
Our online sale will continue through the 17th.  So, start looking at something happy like needlepoint and a little less at the news.  I know needlepoint makes me happy!
Happy Stitching!

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