First Look . . . Summer at the Shore

This piece just takes me away to vacation in Block Island.  My husband and I have had many adventures on Block Island, as well as harrowing trips getting there.

Many  years ago, when my husband and I first got back together after college, he talked me into bringing his boss’ 26 foot boat from Block Island back home to Connecticut.  Everything started out just fine, but then turned into 2 of the three hours of crashing around through the waves, and then being rained on. I was soaking wet and soar for days.   And I still married him!

We have missed the last ferry a few times and stayed in roach motels.  I’ve blocked most of that out of my memory.


But, when you finally arrive at Block Island, all is right with the world.  There’s nothing like sitting on the porch of the National Hotel having their delicious lemonade cocktail.

As I’m stitching, I am day dreaming about this adorable little cottage being my stitching cottage.  To me, it is the guest cottage of the main house overlooking this beautiful panoramic view.  There is a view like this to be seen from everywhere on the island.

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