And no. . .I’m not talking about the Pope’s imminent arrival in New York this week.  We had our own dignitary in town this past weekend.  The “Ambassador of Needlepoint,” Carolyn Baird, came to teach at the shop.  And what fun it was!

Mary Susan, who you should all know by now runs the finishing department at the store, has always called Carolyn the “Ambassador of Needlepoint.”  And rightly so!  She does more to promote our wonderful art form than anyone else I can think of.  She is a prolific stitcher and stitch guide writer, as well as a fabulous teacher.


We had three full days of classes. I started a new stocking for myself, a really cool peacock one from Alice Peterson.  By the way, that trunk show is still in the shop.  My son, Trip, who has now decided to be called Ray (which is his real name), wants a new stocking.  So he picked one out, as well.

trips stocking


Carolyn had fabulous ideas for the canvases.  Check out this basket she had Aggie make.


And Catherine worked on this adorable Easter piece.  carolyn-3

If you missed this canvas embellishment class, Julia Snyder will be coming to town on November 6th and 7th.  Don’t hesitate to sign up.  Class is filling up quickly!

Canvas embellishment classes are my favorite type of class because everyone can work on the canvas of their choice and the stitches are tailored to each canvas and stitcher.

Hope you can join in the fun!


  1. Kate Dickerson says:

    Oh how I wish I had been able to attend this event! I didn’t have time, but I seriously considered it. I love everything Carolyn Hedge Baird does. It looks like it was so great!!!! Next time……

  2. Carolyn Baird says:

    Thanks for such a nice write up, Suzie. I had such fun with all my new friends and one long time friend, Karen W., while I was at the Enriched Stitch! What could be more fun than hanging out all day with women who enjoy needlepointing and learning new things!

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