Happy Easter

It’s been a lovely Sunday filled with family, egg hunts, brunch, and of course  . . .stitching.


I’ve been stitching away on one of my favorite pieces of all time.  The Easter Parade by Ashley Dillon. My Fourth of July Parade just came back from the finisher and it inspired me to stitch this piece. It was just sitting there waiting to be stitched in the trunk show.  How could I resist?


I’m trying to create depth and perspective in this piece.  The hills and sky are very lightly stitched so that I could make the tree and all the little characters stand out.  I love how these leaves came out.


I’ve started on her dress, but I’ve gotten a little side tracked on a piece that I have to stitch for an upcoming class at the store.  You’ll be seeing that later this week.  It will be done by the time I go on vacation next week.  For sure!

Here’s a few other Easter pieces that I stitched this year.  I’m on a mission to have an entire Easter tree next year.






Happy Easter!  Hope you’ve had as wonderful a day as I have.

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