Harvest Moon Finished!

I’m done! This piece was so much fun to stitch!


The wheat stalks are a combination of stem stitch, buttonhole, rope stitch, basketweave, and split satin stitch.  Whew!  That’s a mouthful!


Oddly enough, the pumpkins were the hardest thing to figure out.  I tried basketweave beading, various stitches and a strung and tacked beading approach.  My husband vetoed all of them.

So, I tried a new padding technique that I’m in LOVE with.


Here’s a closeup of what has now become known as “Becki’s Bargello”


The moon was a little tedious with two threads for the stitch and a bead in between.  But it was worth it.  It totally glows.


Every canvas has a mystery.  And on this piece it was the gate.  Or is it a path?  I took a poll at the retreat and the room was divided.  I decided it was a gate.  A path just looked weird to me.  But make it whatever you want.  I always say “It’s your piece.”

Just putting the finishing touches on the stitch guide and then the kits will go out.



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